Nv4500 oil capacity.

S. Smittyncrew Discussion starter · Jul 22, 2021. Need some feedback here. Called 2 Dodge dealers, both pulled up the fluid part number for my NV4500 5-speed. Their 75W-85 is discontinued, and now their replacement fluid is listed as Mopar ATF +4. Both parts counter guys said it was noted on their computers to now use the ATF +4.

Nv4500 oil capacity. Things To Know About Nv4500 oil capacity.

Granny low first gear for towing or off-road. Fifth gear overdrive for good gas mileage. The NV4500 transmission has a case length of just 12.37", making it the perfect transmission …Don't use auto trans fluid or gear oil in an NV4500. It calls for a specific fluid, GM Fluid (12346190). That should be the right number. I think Castrol Syntorq is an equivalent fluid Sent from AutoGuide.com Free App.Dunno if I'd trust Chilton's for the capacity. My 1994 GM factory service manual indicates 4 quart capacity on the NV4500. The correct fluid is GM part # 12346190 (old #), or the updated # is 10-4119 / 19369226 - it's GM "name" is "Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid" - NOT to be confused with GM's Syncromesh, which you would not …The Dodge part number for the same oil is 4874459 Use of ANY other oil in the NV4500 will lead to failure and also voids any chance of a warranty claim. NV4500 Conversions for Diesel, Gas, 2WD & 4WD High Impact Transmission and Gear - Focused on building "Engineered Conversion Systems" for do-it-yourself installation. Title speaks for itself.

-97 Dodge 2500 ext cab 4×4,, NV4500, the usual stuff with an SXE 362 .-2010 Ford F-250 4×4 w/ 180hp P-pump Cummins 12 valve, 5r110 auto, the usual stuff, stock turbo.-2005 Ford Excursion 4×4, w/ 215hp P-pump Cummins 12 valve, NV4500, colt cams stage three cam, .020 over w/Mahle pistons, SXE 362 and the usual stuff.

Oil capacity: 1 gallon: Rated GVW: 14,500 lbs. Case material: cast iron: Synchronizers: Carbon fiber composite: Main/Counter shaft bearings: Timken tapered roller ... The Dodge part number for the same oil is 4874459 Use of ANY other oil in the NV4500 will lead to failure and also voids any chance of a warranty claim. NV4500 Conversions for ...This is our quick reference guide for the 2002-2008 Ram 1500. The 2003-2008 Ram 2500 and 3500 models are also included, but their introduction lagged a year behind, so little information on the previous generation 2002 3/4 and 1-ton trucks is here. This guide will cover two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, gas V6, V8 and V10 engines, as well ...

profab 3 speed nv4500 transmission: completely stock appearance. different gear ratios available. please call to get recommendation as to what will be best for your application: no core required. credit card payments require additional 3% fee. bank wire transfer information available upon request, 765-948-3164Maintenance tasks to complete every oil change. There are also 6.7L Powerstroke maintenance tasks that need to be done at every service intervals. Every time you change your oil or bring your 6.7 in to the dealership, make sure the tasks are completed. Rotate and inspect your tires. inspect your air filter restriction gauge.2022. Across the different 2022 Chevrolet Silverado trims 4 different oil types are used, click below to learn more along with the volume/capacity: Silverado 1500 2.7 Turbo Expand. Silverado 1500 2.7 Turbo AWD Expand. Silverado 1500 3.0 Duramax Expand. Silverado 1500 3.0 Duramax AWD Expand. Silverado 1500 4.3 Ecotec3 V6 Expand.NV4500 Oil. Thread starter Butterbean; Start date Apr 12, 2021; B. Butterbean. Joined Sep 26, 2019 Messages 6 Location Alabama. Apr 12, 2021 #1 Guys, I hate to beat on a dead horse, and I have searched for the topic using the search function, but I cant find any info on the matter. Question is, has anyone used Valvoline Syncromesh GL-4 in your ...

True. You can't run GL-5 lubricants in these transmissions it will ruin carbon fiber and brass syncros. If you do some deep digging you find out the whole fluid thing for Dodge was that the Cummins engine produced too much torque and start popping gear teeth from fluid temps being too hot around the gears.

2003 2500 QCLB 305/555 CTD NV5600 Towing with Rob /////, Edge CTS Gauges with oil psi, LP psi, oil temp, trans temp, DPP Cool Hose w/ OEM Box & 4" filter, Pusher Intake Horn, Baldwin PF7977 FF, GDP MK-2 FF Kit, OBS Fan Clutch Mod, Steering Box Brace, On-Board Air w/Train Horns, BedRug under color matched Leer topper - 2022 Mallard M27 camper/TT.

Getting the Right Oil. The fluid type and capacity can change within a transmission series. For example, the NV4500 oil capacity is four quarts for a stock transmission and five quarts for an NV4500HD 4x4. NV4500 Leaks. I have a brand new 92-94 early style GM NV4500 4x4 version transmission. It is bolted up to a hybrid fixed yoke NP208 and has a DIY4X clocking ring in-between. Yesterday, I started my truck for the first time with the transmission installed. Immediately, Syntorq fluid began heavily dripping from where the clocking ring meets the t ...Similar to the NV4500. Direct replacement 600 lb/ft of torque capacity Aggressive 6.16 "Granny" Gear 1st gear but with economical .76 5th gear High-contact, Skip to content ... 3.67 qt oil capacity; Gear ratios: 6.16, 3.11, 1.71, 1, .76 od. rev 6.03 – 10 spline input shaft / Output 23-splineThe NV4500's max tq design is 450 lb/ft of tq. A stock 215 engine produces 440, so it is already at the limit. The GCWR of a 2WD in'97 was 20,000 pounds, a 4X4 was 16,000. The overriding weak point is the transfer case, followed closely by the NV4500.1994.5 - 1997 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel - is the Nv4500 better than zf-5?? - Is it realy that much better of a transmition?? I was doing some reading on high impact gears web site. and that do ford nv4500 conversons. thet claim that the nv 4500 is a ab better trany. any thoughts..J.Part Number: 811095. Valvoline Synchromesh Manual Transmission Fluid is recommended for most GM and Chrysler Vehicles Approved & Recommened for use in the NV5600 manual transmission. The NV5600 has a 4.75 quart fluid capacity, but we recommend adding an additional quart when filling for better lubrication to 6th gear,

Mopar1973Man Premium Member · #5 · Jan 31, 2013. cummins24vturbodiesel said: Amsoil, make sure it says for nv4500 on the back. I forget the part number. Put on extra quart in. Nickscott89 said: I fill my nv4500 with 75-90 6 quarts and 2 quarts ATF. This why NV's fail and 5th gear nut problems happen.The SM465 is an outstanding, heavy-duty truck transmission designed and used in ½, 3/4 and 1+ ton trucks. The SM465 was made by General Motors from 1968 to 1991. They are found primarily in GM and Chevrolet trucks, Blazers, Suburbans and many other models falling under the 1/4-ton to 1-1/2-ton platforms. The 465 is an intellegently designed ...75% more engine protection against horsepower loss and wear. 1; 50% more cleaning power vs. AMSOIL OE Motor Oil; Protects turbochargers 72% better than required 2 by the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification.; 28% more acid-neutralizing power than Mobil 1. 3; Trusted by professional engine builders; Guaranteed protection for up to 25,000 miles or 1 year; 1 Based on independent testing of AMSOIL ...8.5 q (8.0 L) Mopar 68507598AA. 3.6 L. 0W-20. 5 q (4.7 L) Mopar 68191349AC. Oil Type and Capacities for 2021 RAM 1500. RAM 1500 recommends that you use Mopar brand for both the oil and filters listed below. It seems that Mopar oil does not exclusively exist anymore and is offered through Penzoil.New Venture NV4500; New Venture NV4500/MW3; New Venture NV4500HD; New Venture NV5600; Tremec 150T; Tremec 155T; Tremec 160T; Tremec 162T; Tremec 170F ... losing its ability to lubricate and protect the engine, and the oil filter has a finite capacity and should be changed before it reaches its dirt holding limits. …

Nov 17, 2008 · 1,784. Location. Bonnyville, AB. Nov 17, 2008. #5. The NV4500 required a special fluid called Castrol SynTorq LT. GM uses it for certain transmissions as well. The NV5600 appears to require that specific Texaco fluid, which is a conventional "synchromesh" transmission fluid, and GM uses it interchangably with Pennzoil Synchromesh. If someone has a good reason why more fluid in the tranny is necessary they should contact Dodge and the threaded hole can be moved up. Otherwise filling up to the bottom of the hole as the service manual recommends should be OK. '95 3500 SLT Cummins Diesel Dually 5spd 2wd 3.54 axle ~250k+ mi. STOCK for now.

Refrigerant capacity for 06 C5500. Jump to Latest Follow 19290 Views 4 Replies 3 Participants Last post by c5500Kodiak, Aug 28, 2020. C. ... 1996 K3500 6.5L,( "F" Eng #141 cast block) NV4500, crewcab, dually,Diamond Eye 4" Turbo Back Exhaust w/2.5" Flo-Pro Crossover, ...Anybody running these finned plates on both sides where the pto plates mount to keep the oil cooler for the nv4500? Fast Cooler NV4500/G56 Manual Transmission Cooler-Geno's Garage I've read mixed thoughts some say its a gimmick some say it allows enough air flow around to help and adds 2 extra quarts of fluid.Nov 16, 2020 · Dodge Nv4500 Fluid Specs, 5 quarts Mopar part number #4874459, transfer case 3 quarts Mopar ATF+4 Part Needed: NV4500 Manual Transmission Oil. $30.98. Quantity: Add to Wish List. Description. Videos. 2 Reviews. QU90020 MT85 75w85w NV4500 Manual Transmission Oil is a 75w85w Full Synthetic, GL-4 Manual Transmission Gear Lubricant formulated by Redline that replaces the now out of production, Castrol Syntorq LT® oil in New Venture NV4500 ...The New Venture NV4500 is regarded as the best transmission to swap into a Cummins 4BT Jeep application due to it's specs as reliable and easy to install. ... Lucas Oil and MOPAR Fluid are acceptable replacements with 75W-90 and 75W-85 options that contain the GL-4 lubricant. ... Oil Capacity: 1 Gallon Transmission Fluid: Stock, 75W-90 …The oil capacity of the 6.7-liter Cummins turbo diesel engine is approximately 12 quarts, and it is available in three variations as of the company’s 2013 model year. As of 2015, the 6.7-liter Cummins engine model is still in production, an...Oil used in an NV4500 must be GL4 or similar. Do not assume that a GL5 oil is acceptable to run because it meets GL4 requirements. GL4 and GL5 specifications are rated for differentials not transmissions and relate to the amount of EP additives in the oil. GL5 has roughly double the amount of EP additives like sulfur/phosphorous.

Nov 16, 2020 · Dodge Nv4500 Fluid Specs, 5 quarts Mopar part number #4874459, transfer case 3 quarts Mopar ATF+4.

In this video I'll tackle the TH400 removal step in my NV4500 Swap. The 82-91 diesel Suburbans were never available with a manual transmission, even though t...

General Motors & DaimlerChrylser insists that only Castrol Syntorq LT be used for the NV4500 a 5 speed manual transmission. In fact, GL-4 is equivalent to the obsolete military rating MIL-L2105, which is usually satisfied with 50% less EP (extreme pressure) additive than a typical GL-5 lube.If you've already decided on a particular conversions, click here to explore our detailed catalog for our selection of quality Jeep components, adapters, and accessories. Novak Conversions is the leading company in high quality Jeep Conversions foir GM powertrains. We specialize in all kinds of swaps, and provide quality Made-in-America ...We distribute complete kits for the NV4500 transmission. These assemblies consist of a new transfer case adapter, transfer case linkage (when necessary), crossmember mount, bellhousing or bellhousing adapter plate, and shifter handle. A complete transmission package from Advance Adapters is a cost effective way to order.I decided i was reading a lot of mixed reviews on most alternatives, so I decided to search for GM's original fluid part #, because my nv4500 is the GM 1st gen 92-93 version. Thru the yrs the original part # had been superceded a couple of times. GMs current # is 19369226. It's title says.SAE 75W-140 Synthetic gear fluid that meets MIL-L-2105C and API GL 5 Specifications. Rear Axle Gear Fluid - Chrysler 9.25, Dana 60, 70, and 80: 80W-90 gear lubricant in normal conditions. 75W-140 Synthetic gear lubricant for heavy duty or trailer towing intended uses. Both must meet same specifications as above.Hello all, This is my first post here (other than a wanted ad for a 2wd nv4500 short tail housing), so hello! Doing a 4bt/NV4500HD into a divorced NP205 72 ford f250. Anyone know if the 2wd NV4500 chevy mainshaft and short tail housing wouldn't swap right into the Dodge NV4500HD 2wd transmission? Doing this for intermediate drive shaft length.So I had a HD unit and a LD unit I ripped apart and compared internals. The HD unit was rebuilt and put behind my diesel, the LD had a cracked case and was junk. The DHD was out of a 2000, 2500, 5.9, 46RE Auto, GAS truck with the plow prep package, the LD case was out of a 1998.5, 2500, 24v Cummins, NV4500 5-speed. So here we go...RED LINE-NV4500 OIL, 5 QTS. Factory Specified NV4500 Lubricant - 5 Quart $107.74. excluding shipping. RED LINE-NV4500 1 QUART ... GASKET- BACK UP LIGHT SWITCH $1.18. excluding shipping. NV4500 SHIFTER HANDLE-DODGE. NV4500 Shifter Handle (Pre 1999 Dodge model transmissions) $66.20. excluding shipping. Find Us. 4320 Aerotech Center Way Paso ...NV4500 Fluid recommendations. Posting here, Mods please move if appropriate. I am rebuilding an NV4500 I just picked up and am looking into fluid, everyone recommends the Castrol SynTorq (not the same as SynTrans), which is also the same as Dodge and GM branded fluids. Obviously Dodge and GM charge a premium, and as …

Fast Coolers PTO Cover Plate Gear Oil Filter Kit. Dodge NV4500 / NV5600 (use with 2FC300 Transmission Cooler Kits) *Only one needed.* Part number: F.. $59.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List ... Coolers (Dodge NV4500 and NV5600). Made from extruded aluminum, the finned coolers also increase gearbox fluid capacity by .. $251.95. Add to Cart. Add ...The correct fluid for the NV5600 is a synchromesh-type fluid...the correct fluid for the NV4500 is a 75w90 gear oil. With that said, we have over 200k on PZ 75w90 synthetic gear oil in my father's dodge CTD with the NV4500. I researched this a long time ago, the only reason for the GL-4 rating is for "yellow metal protection," as expressed by ...For the E series truck and the 5.7-liter engine, you are looking at needing only 6 quarts of oil to fill the oil tank and get peak performance. This is according to the E-series owner's manual and as we have stated earlier, go by the owner's manual and not someone's opinion. See also 1988 chevy truck 350 engine oil type.Instagram:https://instagram. weather underground yankton sd93350 cpt codeaccident on i 15 near fallbrook todayoreillys martin tn This towing capacity chart shows vehicles' towing capacity by make and model. Find your towing capacity on HowStuffWorks' towing capacity chart. Advertisement Towing capacity, sometimes called maximum towing capacity, is the maximum allowab... nyc.govesshow many weekends until christmas Additionally, if the transfer case fluid level is low, the entire transfer case should be inspected for leaks and damage. Many mechanics (and some manufacturers) recommend that you replace the transfer case fluid at least every 30,000 miles. When the fluid is replaced, pay careful attention to the fluid you are draining; if there is a burnt ...A manual transmissions like the NV4500 hold a mere 8.5 pints. In 4th gear, the transmission stays cool, but in 5th gear (overdrive) it can quickly heat up. There is just not enough gear oil capacity. It didn't matter what oil I used, it wasn't enough. So I did the math and compared it to the gear oil capacity of semi-tractor trailers in ... always hope animal rescue Aug 25, 2020 · Temperatures are often 30 degrees higher when towing in overdrive. Fast Coolers reduce the temperatures by 30 degrees with heat dissipating aluminum and 40 to 50% more oil capacity. Simply bolt the Fast Coolers on and add more lubricant. Wide Application: Fits for all SAE 6 bolt PTO access covers. Compatible with NV5600 NV4500 G56 ZF5 ZF6 ... US PATENT # 10774920. Brand: Fast Coolers. 4.3 8 ratings. They fit all SAE 6 bolt PTO access covers. This includes the NV5600, NV4500, FordZF, Getrag, G56 and others. 6063T6 extruded heat-sink aluminum extends the PTO cover. Magnetic plug used for filling and checking lubricant. 1/4 inch outlet for temp sender/drain plug.The NV4500 uses a special oil formulation to protect the syncro`s. Castrol SynTorque 75W-90 a GL-4 rated oil. ... E Cummins with lots of torque & high load capacity works better with factory reccomended SynTORQ because of heat/pressure build up @ mesh of gear teeth & synchros .